RJ Networking Services

Our Services Include

  • Systems Architecture
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Support
  • Systems Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security advice and assessment
  • Short Term Staff and Skills Supplementation
  • Temporary Staff Vacancy Support

R.J. Networking’s consultancy services are provided by a select group of experienced professionals with a broad range of skill sets. The consultant team has experience in delivering Australia wide solutions for various Defence groups as well as other Australian government and corporate clients.

Our consultants are experienced with and trained in providing network services utilising high-grade encryption and commercial grade IPSEC services, providing project management services and IT service support and installation. Our consultants currently hold various Australian security clearances.

R.J. Networking provides cyber and network security assessment and advice across a range of services and networks, backed up by our senior consultant holding CISSP certification. We are also involved in the provision of instruction within Canberra Institute of Technology for cyber and network security.

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